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The Protected Disclosure ("Whistleblower") 'hotline' is an independent service that allows employees, contractors, service users/clients or suppliers to report any instances of improper conduct such as fraud, illegal activity, corruption or other unethical behaviour without fear of retribution or reprisal for doing so.

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ACSO's Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Hotline
Have something to say about illegal, unethical or corrupt behaviour? Speak up

ACSO is committed to the highest standards of legal, ethical and moral behaviour. ACSO recognises that people with a work, service or client relationship with ACSO are often the first to realise there may be something seriously wrong. This includes ACSO workers and the people we support in our programs. If you have something to say about illegal, unethical or corrupt behaviour (improper conduct) you can contact the Protected Disclosure ("Whistleblower") hotline and speak up without fear of appearing disloyal, being victimised or subject to other reprisals.

Disclosures can be made anonymously but all information must be provided 'in good faith' i.e. there must be a reasonable belief that improper conduct has been or is being undertaken. To make a disclosure complete the form via the link below. If you wish, you can also call 1800 316 448 to speak with a PKF investigation professional.

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