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About this service

Speak Up supports staff who don't feel comfortable raising their concerns directly with the Department. Speak Up is a 24 hour externally hosted hotline to report concerns about suspected fraud, corruption and other serious matters (e.g. conflicts of interest). Speak Up is not designed for all workplace matters and does not replace existing ways to make complaints.

Reports made to Speak Up are confidential and will be forwarded to the Department’s Fraud and Corruption Control Unit for assessment.

Speak Up supports Department employees to comply with their mandatory obligations to report all cases of suspected fraud or corruption.

How to use Speak Up FAQs

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If you prefer to make a report by telephone please call the Speak Up Service directly.

If something doesn’t look right or feel right, we want you to speak up

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Other ways you can make a report include:

  • confidentially reporting to the Department’s Fraud and Corruption Control Unit on 03 7022 0121 or by emailing

  • directly contacting the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission on 1300 735 135 or online via their website at