About this PKF service

The Whistleblower Disclosure Service is an independent service that allows employees, contractors, service users/clients or suppliers to report any instances of improper conduct such as fraud, illegal activity, corruption or other unethical behaviour without fear of retribution or reprisal for doing so.

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Speak up about illegal, unethical and corrupt behaviour

We all want a fair and honest place to work. Fraud, corruption or other illegal conduct can have a negative effect on our workplace. The Diocese encourages the reporting of inappropriate conduct and is committed to protecting and supporting those making disclosures. By reporting fraud, corruption and other illegal activities, you can help us ensure our workplace retains a reputation for integrity by following sound and equitable business ethics.

If you wish you can make your report anonymously, but remember that employees wishing to raise allegations must do so 'in good faith', i.e. they must hold a reasonable belief that the allegation has or is likely to occur and the allegation is not made for personal gain.

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