About this PKF service

The Whistleblower Disclosure Service is an independent service that allows employees, contractors, service users/clients or suppliers to report any instances of improper conduct such as fraud, illegal activity, corruption or other unethical behaviour without fear of retribution or reprisal for doing so.

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Whistleblower Disclosure Service 1300 989 183

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To make a disclosure call 1300 989 183 or complete a report by selecting the button at the bottom of this page.

Key Internal Contacts

Office of Safeguarding

Telephone: 02 4979 1390
Email: childprotection@mn.catholic.org.au

HR Business Partners

Telephone: 02 4949 1148

Whistleblower Disclosure Officer

Telephone: 02 4931 1206


Telephone: 02 4931 1314

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