About this PKF service

The Whistleblower Disclosure Service is an independent service that allows employees, contractors, service users/clients or suppliers to report any instances of improper conduct such as fraud, illegal activity, corruption or other unethical behaviour without fear of retribution or reprisal for doing so.

Contact us directly
Whistleblower Disclosure Service 1300 989 183

How does the 'hotline' work?

A 24-hour toll-free phone number is available to all employees, contractors, service users/clients and suppliers to anonymously or in confidence, disclose any instances of improper conduct. In addition to the phone service, people may make a disclosure via an internet form, email or mail. Disclosures are recorded in a secure Disclosure Management System (DMS). Once received, disclosures are vetted by a PKF investigation professional who will ensure a notification is made to the Diocese. Disclosure Officers have been nominated by the Diocese to receive notifications and be the conduit between the Diocese and PKF.

All disclosures received by PKF Integrity Services (BMNS) Pty Ltd would be disseminated to Disclosure Officers through the DMS, which provides a unique identifying number for each disclosure. The nominated Diocese Disclosure Officer(s) are able to view the disclosure information and add comments where necessary. Changes cannot be made to the original disclosure information, thus protecting the integrity of the information. Reporting functions have also been built into the DMS. The use of the DMS provides the assurance of confidentiality of Diocese disclosure information received by PKF Integrity Services (BMNS) Pty Ltd.

When a Disclosure Officer receives a notification a general assessment is made to determine who should be the Disclosure Owner. Generally Disclosure Owners will be a member of the Diocese Executive and they will determine the best response to a disclosure including whether an investigation is warranted and who is best placed to undertake the investigation (internal or external).