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The SpeakUp Service is an independent service that allows our employees to raise concerns of suspected fraud, corruption and serious misconduct without fear of retribution or reprisal.

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SpeakUp Service 1800 945 044
SpeakUp Service - 1800 945 044
Speak up about illegal, unethical and corrupt behaviour - 1800 945 044

GOTAFE is committed to establishing a strong ethical culture based on integrity, transparency, accountability and responsiveness to promote a safe and ethical working environment for our employees. Fraud and corruption has no place in our organisation and we encourage all employees to raise concerns of suspected fraud and corruption and feel safe in doing so.

If you wish you can make an anonymous report, however as we will not be able to contact you there may be difficulties in progressing the report. All reports must be in good faith where there is reasonable belief that the suspected fraud, corruption or misconduct has or is likely to occur.

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