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About this service

This Whistleblower Hotline is an independent, outsourced service that allows MJH Group employees and other eligible whistleblowers to report fraud, corruption or other misconduct without fear of victimisation or detrimental treatment as a result.

This service is operated by PKF Integrity. For more information about PKF Integrity and its services, click here.

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If you prefer to report via phone or email, please contact the Whistleblower Hotline as follows:

Phone: 1800 317 452


Have something to say about illegal, unethical or corrupt behaviour? Speak up

MJH Group is committed to supporting a workplace that values professional behaviour, ethical conduct and integrity. Fraud, corruption or other illegal conduct has a negative effect on our workplace and this behaviour is not condoned by MJH Group. By reporting such instances of misconduct, you can help ensure our workplace retains a reputation for integrity and remains a secure, enjoyable place to work.

If you wish, you can make your report anonymously, however please remember that to qualify for protections, a whistleblower must have reasonable grounds to suspect that the misconduct has or is likely to occur and is not a work-related grievance.

To review MJH Group's Whistleblower Policy, refer to Where can I find the MJH Group Whistleblower Policy?

To review the FAQ, click here.

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